Hello guys!

A lot of things have happened recently that have had a negative impact on our game and I would just like to address certain things.

Corrupt Staff:

‘Corrupt’ isn’t necessarily a nice word but it’s the only way I can really describe the type of people we’ve encountered here on SxD. With being on our staff comes great reliability and trust, when given a certain rank you should take into account that people look up to you and watch everything you do. Rank should never be abused, no matter what the circumstance and hatred should never be used in a way to manipulate or discriminate.


Like every other game we have rules! We will not change the rules under demand but may change rules under requests! If you are a member of staff or a player and you see some rules you are not happy about, discuss it with us, do not argue or cause drama regarding them. Take into consideration that rules prevent certain things from happening. i.e, swearing, bullying, hacking. Every game needs rules to have a more stable community.


This is mainly addressed towards our staff as this has caused a lot of problems recently. You will not get along with everybody and there will be certain times you’ll find yourself disliking someone. Don’t act on it in a negative way, just don’t. We try to give everybody a chance whatever their age or experience. If you see somebody that you feel isn’t doing their job right you can simply tell Daryan or Shanzii and discuss it with them. Never make another person feel unwelcome and don’t act out on your anger or hatred. (If you are a casual player and see staff giving abuse or unfair punishments then consult in somebody online, we will deal with that asap.)


This is obvious but sadly people still do it anyway. NEVER under any circumstance give out account information or any personal information whatsoever, no matter how much you trust that person. For example; passwords, emails, full names, addresses. Personal information is named ‘personal’ for a reason, do not exchange information as that information is likely to be stolen and may not be recovered. If somebody steals your email and accesses your account for hate but you have no proof, that may result in you losing your account or maybe more. Please be careful.


If you have been unranked and want a reason for it you can ask us and we will gladly answer you on the reason why. If you are aggressive in any way and form a hate group to attack us then you will not be welcome on the site. There will be no second chances.

General hate and attacks:

So yup, the reason why I’m actually making this post is because we recently got attacked yet again by the people who we used to call ‘staff’ and ‘friends’. They formed together a hate group and abused their status to attack our system and link it to sites that contained disturbing content and nudity. Never associate with these type of groups and if asked ignore it. This and online bullying is highly illegal and if used to the wrong people it could cause legal action to be taken against you.


Be responsible and be safe!



Merhaba fareler!

LideMice'nin açılmasına az kalmışken, sunucu ile ilgili bir makale yazmaya karar verdik.

Makalemiz sunucudaki yenilikler hakkında olacak.

Peki LideMice'de yeni ne var ?

LideMice'de yeni olarak Gelişmiş bir Forum ve Oyun Keyifi var.

Herşeyden önce Yeni kabile, arkadaşlık sistemi aktif bunların dışında LideMice'de bir adet Event bulunmakta!


Gerekli malzemeleri toplayarak LideMice'nin Eventini bitir!!

Bunların haricinde Başkan Seçim Sistemi %100 olarak çalışıyor. \o/

Daha fazla bilgi için bizi TAKİP EDİN yakında sunucu açık olacak iyi oyunlar :)

Mutlu Yıllar!


New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, mice!

It’s gone so fast… And still in the festive season’s spirit, we wanted to thank you for being there with us all the way!

And to finish the year 2016 properly, we decided to listen to you and be nice to the snowboard’s fans who haven’t completed the event yet.

To let you finish it, we’re going to keep it for another month (So cool!!). However, we also want to please those who already completed it and want to have fun in another way…

Let’s start the new year by celebrating the comeback of the almighty Cheese Moon. For the most mystical ones, it’s the perfect time!

Did you know that all mice were born under an astrological cheese? Which one are you?

Easy! You have to gather all the astrological cheese signs. To do so, during an adventure map you can exchange your astrological cheese sign with an other mouse using the “High five” action


Collect these cheese signs and complete the Cheese Moon, to win prizes!

Come and enjoy this adventure, let’s meet in game and HAPPY NEW YEAR mice!!! \o/

Français »

Bientôt le réveillon les souris !

C’est passé tellement vite…. Et dans l’esprit des fêtes de fin d’année,

nous voulons vous remercier d’avoir été là avec nous pendant tout le long !

Pour finir l’année 2016 en beauté, nous avons décidé de vous écouter et faire plaisir aux adeptes des sports de glisse et qui n’ont pas encore réussi à terminer l’évent.

Afin de vous permettre de finir l’évent Snowboard, on vous le laisse pour encore un mois ! (C’est cool, ça !!) Néanmoins, pour le plaisir de ceux qui l’ont fini et qui ont envie de s’éclater autrement…

Commençons la nouvelle année par le retour de la Lune des Fromages Sacrés. Pour les plus mystiques, c’est la période idéale !

Saviez-vous que toutes les souris sont nées sous un signe astrofromagique ? Lequel êtes-vous ?

C’est facile, vous devez réunir tous les signes astrofromagiques ensemble. Pour ce faire, au cours d’une map d’aventure vous devez échanger votre propre signe avec le signe d’une autre souris en utilisant l’émotion “High five”


Collectionnez ces signes fromagiques et complétez la lune de fromage ! Vous gagnerez diverses récompenses tout le long de votre aventure.

Rendez-vous en jeu, et BONNE ANNÉE les souris !!!! o/

Português »

O ano está acabandooo!

Nossa, passou tão rápido… Aproveitando que estamos no espírito de festas de fin de ano, gostaríamos de aproveitar para agradecerv à todos vocês ratinhos que nos acompanharam no decorrer de mais este ano. Vocês são adoráveis!

E para f’echar com chave de ouro o ano 2016, nós decidimos escutar o que muitos e vocês nos andaram pedindo. Para os amantes de Snowboard e que ainda não conseguiram completar o evento, fiquem sabendo que iremos deixar este evento para vocês por mais algumas semanas. É isto, mesmo! Se você ainda não completou, esta é a tua chance de o fazer! Boa sorte! Mas também queremos agradar àqueles que já completaram e estão afim de coisa nova…. E para iniciar o ano com o pé direito, que tal darmos mais atenção à Lua de Queijo?! Para os mais místicos este período é ideal!

Você sabia que todos os ratos nasceram em um determinado queijo astrológico? Você sabe qual é o teu?

Pra saber é fácil, você deve reunir todos os queijos astrológicos. Para fazer isso, durante o mapa da aventura você precisa trocar seu queijo astrológico com o queijo astrológico de outro ratinhoutilisando o emoticons “High Five”

Recolha estes queijos astrológicos e complete a Lua de Queijo. Uma vez completada a lua, você poderá ganhar várias recompensas, consumíveis e títulos legais…

Para conhecer qual o teu signo (oupsss) queijo astrológico, encontro marcado no jogo e

FELIZ ANO NOVO ratinhos !!

Español »

¡Hola ratones, estamos en la víspera de Año Nuevooo!

Se ha ido tan rápido… Y todavía con el espíritu festivo de las fiestas, queremos agradecerte por estar con nosotros todo el camino.

Y para terminar el 2016 correctamente, hemos decidido escucharte y ser buenos con los snowboard’s fans que no han completado el evento aún.

Para dejarte terminar, dejaremos que el evento siga por otro mes más. Sin embargo, también queremos satisfacer a aquellos que ya lo completaron y quieran divertirse de otra forma…

Empecemos este nuevo año celebrando el regreso de la todo poderosa Luna de Queso .

¡Para los más místicos, es el momento perfecto!

¿Sabías que todos los ratones nacieron bajo un queso astrológico?
¿En cuál estas tú?
¡Fácil! Tienes que reunir todos los signos que queso astrológico. Para hacerlo, durante un mapa de evento puedes cambiar tu queso astrológico con otro ratón usando la acción de “Choca esos cinco”


¡Reúne los signos de queso y completa la Luna de Queso para ganar premios!

¡Ven y disfruta de esta aventura, reunámonos en el juego y and FELIZ AÑO NUEVO RATONES!!! o/

Türkçe »

Yılbaşı Gecesi çok yaklaştı, fareler!

Zaman çok çabuk geçti… Hâlâ kutlama havasında olduğumuzdan dolayı şimdiye kadar yanımızda olduğunuz için size teşekkür etmek istedik!

Ve 2016′yı düzgün bir şekilde bitirmek için sözlerinizi dinlemeyi ve etkinliği henüz tamamlamamış kayak hayranlarına iyi davranmak istedik. Etkinliği, bitirmeniz için bir ay daha devam ettireceğiz (çok harika!!). Ancak etkinliği tamamlayıp başka bir şekilde eğlenmek isteyenleri de memnun etmek istiyoruz…
Hadi yeni yıla yüce Peynir Ayı‘nın dönüşünü kutlayarak başlayalım. En mistik olanlar için bu harika bir zaman!

Bütün farelerin bir astrolojik peynir altında doğduğunu biliyor musunuz? Siz hangisisiniz?

Basit! Bütün astrolojik peynir işaretlerini toplamalısınız! İşaretleri toplamak için bir macera haritasında astrolojik peynir işaretinizi başka bir fareyle “Beşlik çakma” hareketiyle takas edebilirsiniz


Ödüller kazanmak için peynir işaretlerini toplayın ve Peynir Ayı’nı tamamlayın!

Gelin ve bu maceranın keyfini çıkarın. Oyunda buluşalım ve MUTLU YILLAR fareler!!! o/